Capita - micro scope snowboard

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The micro scope snowboard in 125, 135 by Capita.

The Micro-Scope is the perfect board for kids getting their first experiences in the snowboarding game. It features a unique convex shape with edges that are raised off the snow, so smaller riders (and their parents) won’t have to worry about catching an edge – keeping kids stoked and progressing for years to come. The construction makes for a lightweight and durable board, allowing kids to play on fun stuff like park jumps, bumps, boxes, and any freestyle terrain. Snappy, soft, and designed with a slight reverse camber shape, they’re everything you’ve come to expect from a CAPiTA in a simplified, scaled-down version.

Tech: Poplar Core Form 6 Fiberglass Configuration HTP Extruded Base Sublimation Topsheet Sublimation Base 360 Degree Steel Edges 4 x 2 Inserts

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