Capita - 2017 indoor survival snowboard

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The Indoor Survival is the most versatile board in our collection and is loved by a wide range of riders. These boards carve hardpack with ease, and they’re pre-positioned for pressing boxes and rails in the city or in the park. Due to the elevated contact points and mild rocker, they also float in powder amazingly well. They turn so easy, that beginner and intermediate riders love them for carving, but so do some of the best rail riders in the world for jibbing. And, they float in powder too?!?! No wonder the Transworld Good Wood Award winning Indoor Survival is a CAPiTA classic.






5 - Midrange





These versatile boards feature a dual reverse camber Flat Kick freestyle shape. Flat based from outer insert to outer insert provides stability at high speeds on groomed runs. Elevated contact points turn on a dime and float effortlessly while stomping in powder.


• Multitech™ Level 7 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen

• PAM16000™ Topsheet

• Level 3 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Base

• PLT Topsheet Technology™

• 360 Degree Steel Edges

• Full ABS Sidewalls

• NEW Stainless Steel 4 x 2 Inserts

• Titanal Base Inlay

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