Burton - 2016 easy livin snowboard

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The easy livin snowboard in 156 by Burton.

• Camber Type - Flying V – We call it Moustache Camber

It’s the perfect balance between playful rocker and traditional camber. With reverse camber from the middle of the board to outside the feet, you can’t help but want to jib everything in sight. Add in the camber zones under the feet to ensure you dont loose that essential edge hold and response you expect from a Burton.

• Flex – 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Twin Flex – This puppy will ride exactly the same whether you are riding regular or switch with its perfect mirror construction from tip to tail.

• Shape – True Twin

Built tip to tail in a perfect symmetrical mirror for a ride that is just as versatile when riding regular or switch. The mountain is your playground with the balance of freestyle mobility and stability ether way you choose to ride it.

• Core

Superfly II - Strong and feather light, this core uses the right wood in the right places to give you the strength where it’s needed without compromising on weight.

Dualzone EGD – Two unbroken wood zones under the heel and toe edges to give you that extra hold and strength where you need it.

Squeeze box – Exclusive to Burton, this technology gives awesome pop and performance in your board by putting slightly thicker and thinner core sections throughout the board.

Perfect for those who like to ride with a duck stance.

• Base - Sintered

Sintered WOF - The king of bases, super strong and holds wax better than any thing else. Did we mention it super fast, so you’ll have the speed to clear the knuckle every time.

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