Airblaster - 2015 hot pink airpill goggle

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The 2015 hot pink airpill goggle with grey chrome lens by Airblaster.

MILF technology:
    Moisture Impermeable Lens Function is created by a PTFE membrane on the inner lens, which allows the air between the two lenses to "breathe" without pulling moisture in. The result: No moisture in between your lenses means no perma-fog to ruin your day.

Widescreen Vision:
    Our frame shape is extra wide, but rides close to your face, resulting in the widest field of vision of any goggle we've ever tried. You could spend more to buy a spherical goggle to make your face look like an alien spaceship, but we guarantee you won't improve your vision.

    Around the frame and on the front of the lens, Air Goggles have maximum ventilation. Ventilation means air circulation. Air circulation means any sweaty air can escape before it turns your goggles into foggles. Adequate ventilation = no fog = clear vision.

    Instead of a harder plastic frame with a bunch of excess foam, we use a flexible frame with a minimal amount of soft and durable foam. The result is a comfortable and lightweight package with less foam to rip out or obscure your vision.

***Photo May Not Depict Correct Lens Color. READ TITLE**

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